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IMMUNOCAL - Nature's Way to Raise Glutathione

What is Glutathione? Why is it critical to your health?

Glutathione is a tri-peptide, a small protein composed of the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamate. It is made in every cell of the body.

Glutathione performs 6 vitally important functions:

  1. It is a Major Antioxidant, produced by the cell, which neutralizes free radicals, and recycles other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

  2. It is the body's Most Effective Detoxifier, binding to undesirable toxins, pollutants, cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals, and drug metabolites and excreting them through the urine or the gut.

  3. It Modulates the Immune Response by increasing its effectiveness when it is low and bringing it back into balance when it is overactive.

  4. It assists in the Regulation of the Cell's Vital Functions, such as the synthesis and repair of DNA, the synthesis of proteins, and the activation and regulation of enzymes.

  5. It enhances energy, muscular strength and endurance.

  6. It effectively and comprehensively helps to slow the Aging process.

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Without an adequate supply of glutathione your immune system will not function effectively, which eventually leads to common illnesses and even degenerative diseases.

Research shows that the young and the elderly in excellent health have high levels of glutathione. (Healthy Elderly Women) However low levels of glutathione are a marker for over 200 medical conditions. (See sidebar / research links at left)

The body’s own supply of Glutathione is rapidly consumed on a daily basis.  Click to enlarge the diagram on the right to see what depletes your glutathione and how it can cause disease.

If you provide the body with the right building blocks, your production of glutathione will increase, and your Immune System will have the ability to fight off free radicals and oxidation that cause problems with your health. Click link to see results of GSH depletion in the body. Results of GSH depletion

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The Discovery of Immunocal – Nature’s Way to Raise Glutathione
After two decades of research, Dr. Gustavo Bounous, a distinguished Canadian Researcher, Surgeon and Immunologist from McGill Univ., discovered the mechanism for raising Glutathione naturally, and without drugs. His research animals lived 30- 50% longer, and were less vulnerable to cancer and other diseases when fed a special protein containing high levels of cysteine. Dr. Bounous, in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, proceeded to develop a nutraceutical called Immunocal
. Immunocal delivers the “building blocks” every cell requires to stimulate the production of glutathione.

Immunocal has been proven to sustain and significantly increase intracellular glutathione. It is safe for all ages and for pets. Click link on left sidebar for Immunocal’s listing in the U.S. Physician’s Desk Reference and Canadian CPS. Immunocal is very similar in composition to mother's milk, with high amounts of Alpha Lactalbumin, Lactoferrin, and Serum Albumin. In fact, Immunocal can provide the Immune-enhancing benefits of mother’s milk to the entire population!

Immunocal has the highest Biological Value of any protein >159, as well as a complete amino acid profile. (See links on left for Biological Value of Proteins and Nutritional Analysis of Immunocal)

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Immunocal is certified free of antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones. It is pure milk derived from cows that are free-roaming and grass-fed. The raw milk is cold-pasteurized, and bio-filtered, then made into a highly-concentrated powder, and packaged into individual packets to retain the bioactivity of the proteins. Immunocal is lactose-free, fat-free, casein-free and cholesterol-free. It has none of the undesirable aspects associated with cow's milk.
is the only proven, NATURAL, safe, EFFECTIVE, long-term solution to elevate and sustain Glutathione. (Ways to Elevate Glutathione)

An average of 400 new articles on glutathione are added every month to the National Library of Medicine (

To order Dr. Gutman's book, GSH, "Your Key To Health" Click Here



Oxidative Stress in Cancer, AIDS, and Neurodegenerative Diseases by
Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Recipient for Medicine, 2008.

Dr. Montagnier included a chapter in his book on the on the effectiveness of IMMUNOCAL. Read Chapter 42 here

Internationally Known Research Scientist recommends Immunocal

Dr. Wulf Droge, world-renowned Anti-Aging Research Scientist, Cancer Researcher, Professor of Immunology and Cell Biology, has recently developed an enhanced, anti-aging formulation of Immunocal™ called Immunocal Platinum™. Immunocal Platinum™ is designed specifically for individuals 45 years and older, as well as professional or serious athletes, and for those with chronic health challenges. Immunocal Platinum™ has a method-of-use patent for the Amelioration of Oxidative Stress (the underlying cause of aging and disease).

See sidebar on left for link to published articles in the medical literature by Dr.Wulf Droge, as well as the PATENTS awarded to Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum.

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