GSH and Anthrax

Role of macrophage oxidative burst in the action of anthrax lethal toxin
Hanna PC, Kruskal BA, Ezekowitz RA, Bloom BR, Collier RJ. [Mol Med 1994 Nov;1(1):7-18. PMID: 8790597] A Harvard Medical School study found that much of the toxic effect exerted by the anthrax organism was due to chemicals releasing high levels of free radicals. This was one of the factors causing cellular damage and death. Moreover, they found that raising glutathione provided partial protection against the toxins involved.


[Effect of the lethal Bacillus anthracis toxin on phagocytosis and the dynamics of the change in the enzyme activity of the antioxidative system of peritoneal mononuclear phagocytes in mice with differing hereditary immunity to anthrax]
Abalakin VA, Sorochinskaia EP, Osipova NI, Iurkiv VA. [Biull Eksp Biol Med 1989 Mar;107(3):288-91. PMID: 2496765] An earlier study done in Russia suggested that infected individuals with strong glutathione capabilities would do better against anthrax infection